Thursday, December 6, 2007

Face It, Tiger

(You just hit the jackpot)

Calm and collected,
this city never looks quite as relaxed as it does
from fourteen stories above
and tonight, the night has just begun.
Now it's 12:35 and the night's so alive:
Are those ants down below
or just people I've known?
And that war thoughts have left me,
I step off the ledge
as delicate thoughts take their place in my head.
But those sticky white strands would soon fly from my
and I will swing across rooftops
to find someplace to land.
Perhaps your apartment
with the lights turned down low.
I'll quietly creep in through your bedroom window;
You sleep like a beauty,
and I kiss your head
as I take off my mask, and I take my place in your bed.

And you said, "Isn't it time someone saved your life?"

You know that I'd rescue you
if you'll rescue me, too,
and if you call me your "Tiger"
I will always be true.
There will be nights
that I come home real late,
but you know that it's hard
when there's a world to save.
I'm super lame, a super hero
who fell in love with a super model.
I'm dangerous to know
and you'll be threatened by my foes,
but I promise that I'll never let you feel harm
if you promise that I'll have a place in your arms.

I will crawl to you
Up the wall to you
I will swing to you
As I sing
Be my Mary Jane.

March '05

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