Friday, December 7, 2007



The leather on your couch
feels as nice as it smells
tonight, or is it afternoon?
I'm sorry if I'm boring you.
The chess set on the coffee table
Glimmers like a brand new day-
Oh, I swear that you will get paid anyway.

Is it just me, or is your hair green?
Maybe there's something in my eye,
I think it's been there for a while.
She had blue hair once, you see;
That was before she dyed it green.
That was before she fell in love with me.
Oh, how we fell in love with us;
I always thought that'd be enough.

But anyways, we were driving,
my baby riding shotgun in the car;
don't know where we're going,
but babe, I've never been this far from home,
and oh, I've never been so not alone.
And I was finally hearing
every poem and song I'd heard before.
That's when I realized that
they had all been written just for her.

Then something took control of me,
an evil, screaming voice from deep inside.
And ever since, I still can see her eyes-
they were full of such surprise
as I clawed through skin and
Dug her beating heart out from her chest.
Oh, and I still hear it pounding
just for me and in my ears
as I watched her bleed on my upholstery.

And so begins the ride.
I thought we'd get the ring this time,
you know I tried.
I never thought I'd make you cry;
I never thought I'd let you die, but

that's when the doctor said
my time was up.

Dec. '06

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